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Welcome to the Rice County Recorder/Registrar of Titles Office.  We are pleased to offer the latest TriMin technology for searching real estate data and images for your information and convenience.  Our recording system makes available, either in our office or on the internet, the real estate tract information and images dating back to June of 1987.  Records dating back to 1854 may be found using the Tract search tab. 

The Rice County Recorder’s Office will continue to provide the citizens of Rice County the finest customer service possible.  To ensure that we stay on the leading edge in our field, we continually make changes and updates as necessary, and encourage your particiaption.  We welcome your suggestions and comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Fangman
Rice County Recorder & Registrar of Titles
320 3rd Street NW
Faribault, MN  55021



Expanded Remote Access

In June of 2022, Rice County added the Tract search feature in Landshark. This allows remote access to historic index images. Researchers now have the ability to find recorded documents that predate our digital index. The project involved capturing over 15,000 images and creating index data linking the images to a particular section, township, range, or recorded plat. Search results may not be listed in chronological order, but the “Modified Date” often corresponds to the year the historic book was started. Rice County has several historic mortgage indexes (1850s-1920s). These are typically listed last in the search results. Some sections within the cities of Faribault, Lonsdale and Northfield initially returned hundreds of results. Our staff has condensed many of these images into multi-page pdfs that will appear in reverse chronological order with a “Modified date” equal to the date the files were combined. When using the Tract tab to search platted property, leave the lot and block fields blank and only search by plat name. If you encounter search results using that Tract tab that return more than 25 images, you may request these images be combined. Please email the following form to  Requests will be processed as time allows in the order they are received.



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